Sexy Haircuts

One of the best!
70s style personified.

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I rather like bald men … they can look quite sexy.

Bald men have too much testosterone Morty…Although it might be an advantage from a woman’s point of view…

I’m my goodness, I can remember that, me and my cousins all had versions

It was deceptively hard to do, you had to mousse, then blow dry like crazy, and then we held the fringe and layers in place with loads of hairspray

We had a right laugh one night out, when one of the lads tried to run his fingers through my cousins fringe, and it was rigid like cardboard, stuck together with hairspray. You could literally pick it up in one piece!

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There’s a mousse loose about this hoose. :grin:

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Is that true? :rofl: Gawd, is that why my hair’s thinning?

No…I meant that because bald men had lots of testosterone…Oh, never mind…

No! I knew what you meant * said she in a deep rich throaty baritone*

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Ah yes… during our punk days we’d troop into Boot’s all dressed up in our leather bike jackets, Levi drainpipes and Dr Martens.

I must have spent a considerable sum on Clairol Born Blonde peroxide, and Boot’s own extra firm hair spray. My girlfriend used to work wonders on my mohican with her crimping iron…oh and there was that Elnette ( I think ) hairspray in a green can that was quite pokey.

I don’t think the finished result looked very sexy though.

Is it something to do with the way they eat their lollipops?


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Ah! Perhaps there’s more to this lollipop thing after all, many a true word spoken in jest and all that :wink:

Terrific song by the way LongDriver, I’ve just turned off Classic FM to give it a proper listen :+1:

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I loved the feather cut,on both sexes.
I`m coming back as a lollipop lol.

I did have good thick wavy hair, especially for a man of my age, but it hasn’t been the same since the dog buried it in the garden.


Were you “De-Rugged”?

my pile was shagged.

I truly laughed out loud at that Psmith…scared the cat :cat2:

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