Do you use one?
I am coming to the end of my last bottle of L’Oréal Age Perfect Golden Serum , now discontinued and I don’t t like the sound of theirs with Black Truffle .Arn’t they things to eat that come out of the ground? :confused2:
Recommendations anyone ?

The only one I have used is Benefit. I like it, but can’t compare to any other.

John Lewis stock it.

I’m never sure what they do TBH I just slap some coconut oil on if I am dry and use a pure Dr bronners soap to keep skin clean.

Julie , allegedly …
Serums deliver a highly concentrated blast of nutrients directly to your skin. To use, apply a few drops after you wash your face but before you apply moisturizer. Serums absorb deep into your skin, rather than sitting on the surface like moisturizers.

Thing is we shall never know what condition our facial skin would look like if we didn’t use these products ? ;-).

I’ve tried serums, but find the cost far too expensive long term.

At the risk of sounding like a commercial,I started using Oil of Olay at age 20, and now all these light years later, I am please to see no deep wrinkles, and am comfortable in my own skin (pardon the pun).

I use Loreal products every morning and evening, but they don’t break my bank. Because “I’m worth it”…:smiley:

Thank you. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t use it if I had it. I tend to be a bit slap dash with facial treatment as I said a decent soap and moisture over night if I need it does me. I don’t have many wrinkles only ones I have are from laughing and I quite like them they at least show I do laugh and have fun. Being fat my skin is pretty good. I fill it if you see what I mean.

I don’t fancy that one at all RN, for two reasons.

1. Have you looked at the list of chemicals it contains?

2. Olay is NOT cruelty-free.

This means that this brand tests on animals or finances animal testing.

Hi sweetheart,
from my experience, and after use many other brands, is the one that i prefer because it`s giving you the best feeling.

Complete waste of money, imo.

I like NO 7 face cream, that’s what I’m using now…it was a christmas present,. there was an asda’s own make that I liked ,not expensive but I haven’t seen it for a while

The best rated serum at the moment is from Aldi and Lidl. Q10 and absolutely brilliant. i have been using this for a couple of years but now it seems other people are discovering and sharing it. It’s about £3 a bottle.

Tara! You’re back. :021:

I’m of the opinion if these so called miracle lotions and potions worked would there be the need to go under the surgeons knife or resort to Botox when a pot of cream would do the job.

I’ve always used Nivea it does the job.