Seperated or Divorced 50 Plus - how do you spend your time?

thank you Mags…so glad i found this site,and you all.

well im glad you also making the very best of it Raven…im not sure if im introverted because i love being outside…lol…but alone in the open…just me and nature…and home talking to online friends of course…what keeps you busy Raven?

Good morning Ms. AnnStarDust, being an introvert outside is no different from being an introvert on the inside( I love the out doors), an introvert is an individual who enjoys spending time alone, is generally quiet, and more comfortable around small groups.I am disabled, so activities are limited somewhat, but I ride my stationary bike 2-3 hours everyday, lift (light weight) 3 times a week, I love serious discussion so I participate in online discussion groups, play games (Doctor recommends), and I venture to the local pub for a coffee :wink:once or twice a week.


Welcome, Ann.

I’m a single-married woman :laughing: :rofl: with a husband who has been gone with work about 60% of our married life since '85. I posted a thread about how we spend out free time and seem to have only a few minutes of it every day.


Hello AnnStarDust :slight_smile: welcome to the forum.



Welcome AnnStarDust
Plenty of games on here ASD to keep you out of the mischiefmakersways…
You will get discussions on here and if in doubt wear boxing gloves and your’ll be just fine… :innocent:

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I love your reposnse and obvious it makes me agree with you about introversy…im so glad you keep being so acive and positive//////and thank you for being a connection here…I am new here completely …my spiritual path is also very new to me so just finding my way…so would be happy to join any of those discussions…

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Thank you Ms.Alice…I love that name…Mmmm Wonderland…makes my innerchild start jumping…hehhe

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Is it possible to also tag me in that post dear Surfermom…I guess you and your husband have excellent understanding

hahaha my boxing gloves…lol…thank you Dianne

Hiya AnnStarDust and welcome to the forum!
There’s always something going on here… enjoy!

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I’m the same, I don’t really ever get bored which is a bit of a blessing I guess

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So to your question about how one spends time;

I’m semi retired and find a lot of things interesting.
Nature/ walks /travel.
Food / cooking.
Love political debate but people think I must be serious, yet in reality I’m warm n fuzzy.

Exercise / boxing / martial arts / weightlifting / callisthenics.

Gardening- making atmosphere.

All manner of random online stuff.
Listening to and producing music some I release.

Films, love a deep film, anything from Kite Runner to Alien, Casino to the odd Rom Com.

I always hated porn but am hyper sexual, so think about it a lot. I had an exceptional experience a couple of yrs ago.
Writing erotic tales

Loads of other stuff.


My pleasure Ms. AnnStarDust, every phase of life we go through offers us a chance to learn, grow, even learn new things about ourselves, if we are open to it.

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Ah time… I volunteer… belong to university club and volunteer my time there…take dance classes…travel…so much to do, learn…

The best thing about retirement is that I get to try things I never had time for when I was working.

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@ Ohhh 50 See. :wink:

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Heheheheh i love 50s

so lovely

sounds you keeping quiet busy…well done

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Thank you chilli