Send Us Your Children (or Grandchildren) Now!

Don’t let your skilled children and grandchildren suffer from your Brexit decisions, your declining economy, your freezing winters, your extortionate power bills, having to live near those foreigners in mainland Europe and all the other things you complain about or have imposed upon them, pack their bags and send them to the lucky country.

The federal government has confirmed Australia’s permanent migration cap will be lifted by 35,000 for 2022/23, in an attempt to address economy wide skills shortages.

Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil, speaking to the jobs and skills summit, announced the cap would increase to 195,000 this financial year.

Now is your chance to stop being a burden to your kids and their kids, send them to Australia to enjoy wealth, sunshine and oranges, you know it is the right thing to do.


Australia a fantastic country …but with global warming it’s too damn hot :wink:
Every country has its problems.


Go to Tassie it’s in the roaring 40s. Australia has every kind of climate from tropical to Alpine. Just pick a place.

But all those countries sweltered this summer , also horrific fires
Yes the U.K. had a bit of of a meltdown but got off lightly compared to most.

Ok Tasmania seems temperate

Not here, coldest year on record. Anyway you’re not invited, we want young people with skills who acclimatise quickly and work hard. :wink:

We’ll see what the summer brings :wink:

Oh so no need to renew my passport……

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All the indications are against heat - La Nina is forming, Indian Ocean Dipole is negative and the Southern Annular Mode is positive all of which mean wetter, cooler conditions.

Your kids will love it.

Well I wish I were young again knowing what I know now, I’d be there in a shot…

Best wait and see weather wise ….many a slip .
Maybe global warming hasn’t made it to Australia

I’m sure my kids/granddaughter would enjoy ….for a holiday.

Indeed it is:

Landmark report confirms Australia is 1.4C warmer and how different regions are being impacted by climate change

Australia has experienced warming of 1.4C — much higher than the global average of 1.1C — that has led to more hot extremes and less rainfall during winter in southern Australia, as well as many other impacts.

Not every country or region is warming at the same rate, for example New Zealand only experienced 1.1C of warming compared to Australia’s 1.4C. Meanwhile, warming in the Artic is twice as high as the average.

This is because the global figure of 1.1C also includes the ocean, which generally warms slower than the land so most countries have warmed more than the average.

Queensland and South Australia are warming at 1.5 times the global average, while New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory and Western Australia are warming at 1.4 times, Victoria is warming at 1.2 times and Tasmania is warming at the same rate as the average.

Greens leader Adam Bandt said the report must now force the government to double or triple the country’s 2030 targets. It wants a target of net zero emissions by 2035 and 75 per cent cuts by 2030.

“Delay is the new denial, we can’t wait until 2050, and anything less than 75 per cent emissions cuts by 2030 means giving up on the 1.5 degree goal in the Paris Agreement,” he said. Exceeding 1.5 degrees of warming means that we will lose the Great Barrier Reef, have widespread and sustained drought, more extreme weather events, and catastrophic bushfires will become the norm."

It’s the Poxy-Lips … :scream:

In the past three years, record-breaking bushfire and flood events have killed more than 500 people and billions of animals. Drought, cyclones and freak tides have gripped communities.

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I was in Australia in February and it certainly wasn’t too hot .
Rained a lot but it was still lovely .
I love Australia and always will even thought it has my son and he is far from me.

Not to forget the raging bushfires the country gets. :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:


A pucker lips surely :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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In Mad Max 3, the 1985 Australian post-apocalyptic dystopian action film, “The Pox-eclipse” (derived from “apocalypse”) is a term used by The Lost Tribe to describe the nuclear exchange that marked the end of oil-based civilization.

I prefer my version … :wink: … but yours is good, too … :+1:

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Bushfires ?
They had terrible floods in March in some areas .

It happens around Sydney according to one of my sisters who lives there. She also told us on FB about the flooding.

You wouldn’t want my granddaughter she’s highly intelligent but an absolute nightmare with it lol