Selfies with the Famous

I notice a lot of people wanting Selfies with the Royals and famous Celebrities,

Have you ever had a photo took with a Famous Person , would you want to .?

Who would you want to be standing next to in a photo?

I dont get it myself,there`s no-one famous i would want to have a selfie with.

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Id be to shy to ask , but I did have my photo took next to King George V in a Stately House ,
He was a life size wax works …

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There was a time about a hundred years ago when some people used to collect autographs of the rich and famous. That has now been replaced by the use of selfies. Of the two, the selfie must be more satisfying.

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yes I can see that as being more Satisfying than a Signature Mr_ Magoo,being close enough to someone you look up to and possibly adore .

Is there anyone you would like to share company in a Photo Mr_Magoo.

I had my picture taken with Jackie Stewart once.

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Was that on the track Muddy or dining out .?

At a social occasion .

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I’m not ashamed to say that I would approach a celeb and ask for a selfie. If I like them that much, it’s the icing on the cake as far as I’m concerned. Most photos are of them by themselves. On an old phone I have/had selfies with Ben Miller and Xander Armstrong, and also I have selfies with a few authors.

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No.If I met someone famous I’d just want to have a bit of a chat.

I have also have a photo with Brian Adams - just remembered .
And for the Americans i was lucky enough to have a photo taken with Joe Montana and Hershal Walker .
All lovely friendly chaps.

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I had mine took with Compo another wax works , outside the cafe .Might have been a Cardboard cut out ,

I would never ask, I think it’s embarrassing and intrusive on them

But if it could happen I’d go with Sylvester Stallone or Stephen King :rofl:

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In all my selfies the most famous person is me.

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I would never ask … I remember standing next to Patrick Duffy at Heathrow and thinking noone will believe me I should take a picture…but I was scared to ask. I have met quite a few celebrities though including Royals but that was a long time ago and selfies were not the thing then

On a Trip to Althorp House ,I was in the Souvenir Shop when in walked Lord Charles Spencer ,Diana’s Brother .There was no airs and graces with him .A hush came over the Shop and muted whispers of his name went round .
Theres a couple other stars ive rubbed shoulders with but not dear ask for an autograph or selfie …

I have met or been near several famous people over the years, but sadly in the days before i phones etc, so never got the chance of a photo with any of them. :disappointed: :disappointed:

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I was about to say … who could possibly be more famous than me, Miss Piggy. :yum:

Neil Oliver and Nicola Sturgeon.