Self watering bulbs - anyone used them?

Anyone used self-watering bulbs? They seem like a neat idea, but do they work!? :upside_down_face:

The only trouble is they get bunged up with soil and this makes them hard to fill up .

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You can buy or make nozzles that fit on the thread of a standard drink bottle, I think they would be much cheaper but they are not pretty just intended for when you go away on holiday.

There’s always the old fashioned way of using a bottle or jam jar with a wick (a piece of wool or string)


What does work well in the summer if you’re leaving a really big house plant or garden pot for any length of time is ….2 Litre empty milk plastic container… prick the bottom once with a red hot needle & fill , it will slowly water the pot over several days.
If it’s a houseplant it has to be a big specimen or it will drown.

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Yes, I buy the nozzles and fit them to big bottles to keep any veg and stuff in the garden watered if we’re away for a few days

Those are pretty for house plants but isn’t it a bit of a faff if you’re home anyway? Easier just to keep and eye on them and water when they need it

Ok for if you’re on holiday , though

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