Secure postage please

I’d like to send a watch from Burnley, Lancashire to my daughter in Gloucestershire
It’s not urgent, but I’d like it to be secure and insured as the value is about £6,000

I’ve had a look at Royal Mail and a couple of other delivery companies, but I’m a bit confused
Have you any suggestions or recommendations please?

I think I remember from my time as a postman registered post includes insurance and you can increase its value (can’t remember the default value). The only advantage of a courier is speed.

They all have apps that tell you exactly where your item is these days.

Royal Mail ,and you want it to be signed for on delivery.

@zuludog I use Overland Express for special high-value deliveries as Royal Mail will only offer enhanced insurance of up to £2.5k.

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Why not take it yourself and have the chance to see your daughter at the same time? make it a long weekend !