Scrapping fuel duty and ved

The government are looking at scrapping fuel duty and road tax (ved) and replacing it with a pay per mile system, this could be done by making it compulsory for all vehicles to have a device fitted so it can monitor where and at what time you drive, and charge accordingly, it might be more in peak times or on a certain type of road you are driving on, as people are switching to electric vehicles, the treasury is losing money, as ev,s become mainstream they will have to recoup the money somehow

A bit like Smart Meters but for cars?

Someone will be along to say it’d be another invasion of Privacy!


Exactly like smart meters, incidentally, a former off member predicted this about smart meters a few years ago, looks like he was right

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This would be splendid news. Since I retired, I drive less than 10 miles per week. :slightly_smiling_face:

And device can be disconnected :wink: so that idea is bound to fail. Yet again another hair brained scheme thought up by brainless idiots

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Not if it’s an undisconnectable device. :018:

I’d be fine with this I do little mileage nowadays .

I would imagine that this would be built in on new vehicles

I’m just trying to get my head around how pay per mile is better than Fuel Duty - both increase as you drive more miles but the Fuel Duty encourages people to have cars which are more fuel efficient and use less fuel per mile.

If we switch to “pay per mile”, I guess the tariff would have to be set for different £amount per mile for different classes of vehicle ?

Why not just scrap VED and put it all on Fuel Duty?

Am I missing something everyone else can see?

(Not that it worry me much because my car mileage is very low these days)

Oh, yeah - I’ve just read the OP again - pay per mile would allow adjustments for travelling at peak times etc - a bit like on trains, I suppose, to encourage folk, who are able, to travel off peak.

At the moment to encourage their take up EVs get a weight based rego fee the same as other vehicles but the NSW Government has already said that rego will be calculated on EVs on distance travelled instead .

Fuel tax is a Federal Tax so the state is not directly affected by lower use.

When most people have switched to EV,s, they won’t use petrol or diesel so the treasury’s coffers will gradually empty, so they have to make that back, we’re taking about billions lost …

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Ah, yes - I thought I must be missing something obvious - that was the obvious point I was missing! Silly me.

I can’t believe the treasury still keep their dosh in coffers; especially now that we have online banking.

It’s easier for their back handed payments

Same here. The furthest we’ve driven in the last 2 years is 90 miles in one trip. Our normal weekly mileage is now around 10-12miles.

Knowing how tech savvy some people are, it wouldn’t surprise me if someone finds a work-around for these “black-boxes” or finds a way to bypass them altogether.

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I suspect that what they’ll do is increase the cost of electricity. Obviously, those with electric vehicles will pay a lot more than the rest of us, although our bills will also go up.

They will do both


The problem with pay per mile is those in Rural Areas with no public transport.

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There will be a dedicated EV charging rate. Why do you think they are pedantic about us all having smart meters fitted with a revenue generating multitiered tariff.