Schitt's Creek

Has anyone else watched this?

My daughter told about it and after about three episodes perseverance I was totally hooked. It’s a sitcom about an extremely rich disfunctional American family who lose all their money and go to live in a town called Schitt’s Creak. Beware there are 6 series and if like me you get hooked you are committing to quite a lot of viewing time.

So funny but emotional too…the father and son are that in real life and the cafe owner is the real life Sister/daughter …written by the father and son too so its really a family affair.

I loved it

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I tried watching the first episode but couldn’t get into it. People have told me that I have to get past the first few episodes, so I’m going to try again. Nice to see someone else liking it. It’s a very popular show.

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I watched it over a very long time because it was about 25 minutes per episode so a good time filler. I wasn’t rapt in it but it was modestly amusing.

Can’t stand men kissing though - have to look away


I know what you mean about the men kissing but to be honest by the end of the series I was so keen for them to just be happy their gender didn’t come into it…have to admit I cried at the end

I have yet to find American comedy remotely funny.

I have no problem with marriage equality blah blah but I can’t help feeling uncomfortable with men kissing, it is absurd because I have no problem with women kissing but that is just how it is.

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I hadn’t heard of it till now
Where & when is it shown, please?

One or two of the streaming channels including Prime I think.

I watched it on Netflix

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So you don’t know Jack Schitt:rofl:

So funny Barry I was laughing out loud :slight_smile:

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Hi. Yes I have watched it and really enjoyed it. The mother, daughter and son are so funny.
I chose to watch it without recommendation, but isn’t it funny how sometimes people suggest you watch something they think is fantastic but when you try it you struggle to get interested

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