Saving Water

Did you know you could save water and money by not flushing the toilet after a wee?

I’ve actually started doing that…I’ve put some disinfectant in the toilet bowl.

Would you do it?

Of course after a poo I would flush it…I wonder how much I could save…?

Yes they do that in countries where water is precious .

If it’s yellow
let it mellow
If it’s brown flush it down .

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That’s what I’m going to be doing ,Muddy!.:+1::+1:

There’s just me at home …I’m out a lot .
I think cost of disinfectant might be more than the price of the water saved ?

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I only put the disinfectant in the once, I don’t put it in every time I have a wee.

I think I flush my toilet at least 8 times a day,( I drink a lot) plus I’m home alone…it will be interesting to see how much my water bill will be…:grinning:

I just wish I’d thought of doing it sooner.

My shower runs 6ltrs of cold water before it becomes warm enough to step into so I’ve bought a bucket which sits in the bath and I run the water into the bucket then move it over and step in . I’ve watered the pot plants in the heat and now am using to flush the toilet . It’s too expensive to have the pipes changed in the house from boiler in kitchen to bathroom upstairs.


What a great idea,Susan,:+1::+1:

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It is quite funny seeing Britain discussing water savings. Most toilets here have two buttons, a half flush and full flush.

The poem Muddy quotes was used during the Millennium drought when Dam levels got down to 25%.

Sydney Water also issued egg timers for timing a shower. I still have mine in the bathroom, it has come in handy when my grandkids visit otherwise they would empty my 250L hot water tank when they were younger.

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The standing and additional charges on our water bills are always higher than the water actually used. So I think the water itself is quite cheap.
I do wash up in a bowl and use for watering the garden though.

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We have been doing that for quite a few years,it started when flushing was waking up the family.
And we have carried it on since.

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We are getting a water butt. That will save water.

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Are we talking Dettol or Zoflora?

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