Saudi Arabia doubles discounted Russian oil imports.?

Saudi Arabia IMPORTING oil ???
Never thought ld see that ,
Must be politically motivated imo, allthough as ;Putin has discounted the price
there could be a commercial reason too, maybe the Saudis are contemplating
breaking free from America and forming an alliance with Putin ??
He has just come from there after meetings with the β€˜β€™ princes" too !?
Donkeyman! :-1::thinking::thinking::-1:

Well, well, l see sleepy Joe is out in Saudi Arabia now kissing arab arse !!
Pity Putin beat him to it , gone are the times when the arabs used to
traipse all the way to America with all their β€˜wives’ etc,to beg the americans
to protect them !
Now all roads lead to Saudi ! And for the Russians too !!
Joes sanctiions are looking precarious ??
Donnkeyman! :thinking::thinking::thinking: