Sandpaper - the good stuff?

A question to DIY experts. The builder who installed some worktops and replaced the kitchen sink/taps left a piece of fabulous sandpaper. As the kitchen is being repainted I thought I’d try it on the walls. It’s P60 and you hardly have to put any elbow grease in to smooth a surface. It also doesn’t seem to degrade or wear down.

So I thought where has this sandpaper been all my decorating life? Ordered some from builder’s depot and it’s the usual rubbish stuff they sell in B&Q. Loose and sharp particles that just rough up the surface unevenly and yes it’s hard work too.

I’m hoping that someone here knows where to get the good stuff. I don’t even know what the brand is. He is meant to come back after Easter to sort out some loose paving on the patio so I was planning to ask him, but if you have any advice on what the good stuff is called I would be really grateful.

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Here’s the best I’ve found. It is difficult to wear out and lasts for seems like forever.
Like most things like that, I buy from Toolstation.
Hiomant Alox Sanding Roll 115mm 60 Grit 5m | Toolstation

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I can recommend Alox, as described by LongDriver, and also Mirka Abranet

‘Deepclough’ on Ebay sell various packs of foam abrasive offcuts that are very good value for money, but I’m not sure if they have very coarse grades, you’ll have to check
Search Ebay for ‘foam backed abrasives’.

Try a decorator centre if you have one nearby, johnstones,brewers, ect….

I have a Johnstones plus a Brewers in my area and both really know how to charge the retail customer.

Yes, but Annie is asking for quality stuff, she can go there and ask for advice, it costs nothing…

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All of the counter staff at every Toolstation I’ve visited offer advice and of course the website has customer feedback and ratings. They all know the best sellers to the trade and what is best to avoid.

Thanks all.:slight_smile: I will try Alox. Fingers crossed!

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