Sad day tomorrow

Just to say that those who knew Dawn Bladen (borderdawn) from another of a site by AZZ, her funeral is tomorrow about 1PM in Streetly crematorium in the west midlands. Sue and I will be going as she looked after us when we had the kennels. As it is an 8 hour round trip I doubt if I shall be posting tomorrow. Can I that those who knew her spared a moment in her memory, thank you


I didn’t know her RS … but you did and you’re clearly sad.
Funny isn’t it … how some people you bump into on forums become as important as people in the real world and you miss em’ badly when they’re gone.

I hope the day is not too sad for you.

What lovely post Realspeed.
I didn’t know the lady. It will be a long trip for you, which just goes to show how much she meant to you both.

That’s so sad RS. Travel safe.


I knew Dawn and have to say she was a lovely lady and tomorrow I will be logging in for the service as long as I am out of the hospital in time. To pay my respects I shall walk Gert, as apart from photography her dogs/cats were her life and she would understand that.

Safe journey Sue and Barry.

Rest In peace Border-Dawn. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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I didn’t know her either, but it is always very sad when a forum member dies. I do know that.

You have my condolences, realspeed.

Do remember her from the other site loved her posts and had great respect for her

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Just got home must have been 60 or 70 people there the crematorium was packed . Just goes to show how much she is miss, people even came down from Durham to say the last goodbye. Left here at 7am so a long day (13 hrs) for us. Met up with her family and friends not seen since we move.