SA versus The British Lions

In case you guys forgot, I’m just going to leave this here in preparation for the first game this Saturday :069:

A South African perspective!

World Cup winners !!!

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Thanks Minxy !
Lest we forget ??


It’s the first time Lions will be mauled instead of doing the mauling

Well we beat the French in their series here…Feeling pretty good about the new young Wallabies out fit. We play NZ next. Then i guess that feeling will pass. :frowning: No offence Brits butI i have to be loyal to the hemisphere. Go the Boks.

I am surprised at the numbers participating in Rugby. Nearly everyone out numbers us in NZ

World Rugby’s largest members, ranked by number of participants in 2019, are:[29]

England England (2.11 million)
United States United States (1.48 million)
South Africa South Africa (692,000)
France France (533,000)
Australia Australia (477,000)
Japan Japan (296,000)
Colombia Colombia (266,000)
Fiji Fiji (225,000)
Canada Canada (217,000)
China Chinese Rugby Football Association (215,000)
Ireland Ireland (210,000)
Scotland Scotland (182,000)
Brazil Brazil (174,000)
Argentina Argentina (161,000)
New Zealand New Zealand (156,000)
Kenya Kenya (123,000)
Spain Spain (114,000)
Russia Russia (109,000)
Wales Wales (108,000)
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka (96,000)

Quantity is nothing CM!
It’s quality that counts !!