Rules of the Game

Did anyone see the first episode last night?
Oooooooo Matron!!
It was rather shocking really, but let’s face it, anything goes these days!
Will watch episode 2 this evening before deciding whether to dump it or continue.
Must say Maxine Peake is a great actress.

Which station was that on Ruthio, and what time please?

BBC1 @ 9pm
And again this evening.
And on iplayer

OK, Ta. Will have a look.

She certainly is, Ruthio.

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Yes, l watched it… but I’m not sure? It’s ok.

I’ve been spoiled by The Tourist and Stay Close which are brilliant.

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Yes watched 1 and 2 today . Its gripping and hooked . Cant wait to see what on earth is going on

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Yes, just watched 2 and definitely hooked!

Mind you, I’m confused too, do we actually know the identity of the 2nd body?

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I watched episode 3 today and now l’m starting to like it! I kept falling asleep during episodes 1 & 2.

For me… Alison Steadman is the best in it. I don’t think Maxine Peake suits the part she’s playing.

I think Maya Benshaw, played by Rakhee Thakrar is beautiful and is beautifully dressed in it.

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We’re watching it. For us, it’s a version of “Succession”. I hope Alison Steadman makes more of an appearance in future episodes rather than 2 very short cameos so far (we’ve watched eps 1 & 2).

Alison Steadman is always good whether she’s in drama or comedy.
I’m wondering if her dear departed husband, whose portrait is hanging on the wall, will figure in the last episode.

I have watched it all now… but no spoilers from me!!

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