Rugby World Cup starts today

Opening ceremony 10.25 on ITV.Good luck to the home nations(especially Wales!)

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Good luck especially England.

Yes!..Bring it on. Watching Russia Vs the host nation Japan tonight. All Wallabies matches are on Free to air but the rest is only only Fox; which I don’t have. But it’s nice to see Wales in the ascendency. So good luck Wales!

I agree; wish them all the best (get stuck in Scotland lift some scalps):038::026::027:

Wales beat England, lost to Ireland twice,far from in the ascendancy.
The pre final is on saturday NZ V SA.

All the match’s are on free to air here,which is unusual to stop sky.

Japan kicked Russia’s arse 30 - 10. I’d be checking the Japanese changing room for Novichok if I were them. :wink:

I agree Juddy, lliked the novichok comment, lol!
Two good matches coming up tomorrow? Im particularly
interested in the SA game, they are developing well this
Regards Donkeyman!

We’ve done our morning chores. Getting lunch out of the way ready to settle back with fingers crossed to watch the Wallabies first match against Fiji. Fierce - no, downright scary - opponents who take their rugby deadly seriously. Bring it on!

SA v AB! Great match, AB marginally better??
If the rest of the tournement matches this we are in for a
good series!!!


USA getting a real drubbing by England today - 45 - 0 so far with just minutes to go. :smiley:

Nowt like American football eh fellas? No padding for protection, just hard-hitting grunt provoking tackles.

ETA: The Yanks have managed to score 7 in the dying minutes and extra time of the game.

Final score 45-7.

England kicked some arse today, USA didn’t know what hit em. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

England are beginning to look organsed and look fit?
But imo have only had practice matches up to now, but
have improved in each game , so looking good but need some
more difficult opposition?

Regards Donkeyman!

Japanese Earthquake!!

Ireland got caught up in a Japanese earthquake today!
The smiling eyes belonged to the Japenese this time with
good reason, the japs played absolutely sparkling rugby!
Imo rugby will become Japans national sport now if its not
Great boost for world rugby!!
Regards Donkeyman!

Da Iawn Cymru.
Well done Wales.

Indeed. A close thing though.

Very tough game Rhosyn, Wales stuck it out!!

Regards Donkeyman!

By the skin of our teeth Rhosyn!


Ie-Rhian,croen ein danedd ond enill sydd yn bwysig!
Yes-Rhian,skin of our teeth but winning is important.

Yn bendant!