Royal Bank Of Canada collapse

Canada largest bank collapses.

Holy cow. Why would the govt. allow it to get this far?

Wow thats awful! I read a bit that says the bank are raiding customers bank deposits to stay afloat, and that some customers are locked out of their accounts (that’ll be the raided ones, likely). Jeez, what an awful situation for everyone. :frowning:


The link is disputed elsewhere

Yes, I looking around suspicious that the situation was as described in the link. Nothing in the news about it. This may be an oblique and misunderstood reference to the stock performance in the last few days which looks scary in the short run, but it’s performing well for the year:

When was Simon Parkes (whoever he is) a reliable source of news? Some things are too big to be allowed to fail, I suspect RBC is one of them.

It’s on Facebook, must be true. :wink:

Its also on a couple of American forums I am on.

Reddit doesn’t think RBC has collapsed:

Nor does Yahoo Finance