Roses are red and Osira

Her parentage is stated to be the combination of the rose bush named Snowfire and an unknown to the general public seedling. The hybridizers will at times keep one of the parents a secret so as to protect their introduction.

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Amazing colour!

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The rose is beautiful, but I sometimes wonder why we interfere with nature. We all think it is lovely but I wonder if it will attract more, or less, of the insects that are attracted to roses.
I am just thinking that, if somebody created a white runner bean with red spots, would I eat it? :icon_confused:

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Ditto. Amazing! Doesn’t look quite real in a good way.

It looked like velvet I thought.

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It looks gorgeous! I love flowers, order bouquets every week but I can’t understand what these twigs are, like berries.

They might be Pink Hypericum berries…but I’m no expert so don’t take that as gospel. Very pretty