Rope bowls - my latest hobby!

Something I’ve wanted to try for a long time, but kept thinking it would be too tricky. Well I made my first one last Friday, and have done a few since, and guess what? It’s really rather easy. So here are some of the ones I’ve made so far:

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Oh Sheba!! They are wonderful! How did you get the pattern inside? Is it a stamp or did you paint it? So pretty! :smiley: The fabric one is lovely too!

Thanks Pixie :-). I have an embroidery machine and used that - have to say it would never have occurred to me that it’s possible, but I’d joined a Facebook group for rope bowls and got the idea from there and then searched for tutorials. I am hooked on this style now!

ETA: the two embroidered ones will be end of year gifts for my granddaughter to give her teacher and teaching assistant. Her teacher is apparently an avid collector of all things penguin, and her TA loves cats, hence the designs :wink:

Oh I say, they look rather nice. I can see them dotted in a bathroom with knick knacks in … or pot pourri or tumbled gemstones.
You could make matching coasters and placemats.

Thanks Morticia. Coasters and placemats are on my list of things to make with this technique! I think they’d make rather nice gifts, don’t you? Not sure I’d use pot pourri in them, though, because it would probably discolour the bowls. It would look very pretty in them though, so it’s tempting!

Yes, make coasters and things - BUT, how do you clean them? I read ages ago that its just a wipe down with a damp cloth…not to wash them because they become misshapen with the hot water. :017:

Yes, I’ve heard that too. It could be a problem, couldn’t it? You know, a coffee cup dribbles down onto the coaster, or a dribble of red wine from a glass :cry:

I think I’ll make some samples and see if they are sponge cleanable…

Yes I’m sure there is a way without resorting to drastic measures that would change the aesthetic
(I love that word!) :smiley:

Yes, it’s a great word!

You’ve got me wondering, with mentioning keeping them clean.

I wonder if you could spray some kind of matt sealant on them. Not varnish.

You probably could…I used to make paper beads and seal them with a matt finish. Can’t for the life of me recall the name just now, (10+ years ago) but I remember I had to be really careful due to skin contact and the possibility of them being chewed by babies. :shock: But coasters and placemats should be fine. Unless you have demon babies :twisted:

Those are really lovely, Bathsheba, anyone would be happy to have one as gift. Do you buy the rope or do you make your own?

Thanks Tabby. I buy clothesline/sash cord rope from Amazon, this one:

I started off with this 30m hank, but I’ve since bought a 100m of it, because it really gets used up quickly.

They are so good, Sheba.
Love the pink one, so pretty.

They are beautiful Bathsheba, wonderful as presents.

Another talented lady in our midst! :023:

Thanks Mups, yeah I rather like the fabric wrapped one, and will be doing more of them.

Aw thanks Mags. Yes, we have several creative members on here - I think once we retire, we find that at last we have time to dabble in all those arty crafty things we’d only dreamt of doing. I’ve always sewn, knitted, crocheted, done cross stitch, card making etc, but now I can really get involved in new ideas, and I think that’s probably true for a lot of us.

They look good and the idea is great, but, from an engineer’s point of view, what if the rope used was a polypropylene or similar made from recycled bottles? That way the rope would be completely waterproof and could be water washed at any time and still keep it’s shape.

I just bought a rope one from a supermarket, it has an artificial plant in it, so no ruining it with watering etc. It’s just a plain off white colour. Don’t like imitation plants, but I have a planter given to me & it’s a funny shape, the rope plant pot was easy to insert into the planter as I could push it around inside, a ridged plant pot wouldn’t have worked. It’ll live in the sun lounge.

Yours, Bathsheba, are so much nicer though.:slight_smile:

I’m impressed. well done.

You are very talented. I really like the resurgence of old fashioned crafts.