Roof moss clearing out

skyvac did its job yet again

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Fix a strip of copper lightning conductor tape right along your ridge tiles and moss will no longer grow on your roof tines to choke your guttering. If you have difficulties obtaining the copper tape then a 15mm copper pipe will suffice :ok_hand:

How does that work?

To be honest, I used to try to clean lumps of moss off of our roof (it’s a bungalow) but since I found out that it is harmless I just leave it there. I do, however, clear out the gutters from time to time… or perhaps from year to year!

A roofer told me once that it can harm your roof if you remove the moss as it dislodges the tiles, where moss keeps them in place.

I think I was told on OFF that you shouldn’t do this on a slate tiled roof. Just leave the moss in place. It’s really annoying though. Keeps falling off onto the flat roof too.

We were told the same, @wendeey

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Yes ours is slate, and I just leave it there. Actually, I’m not afraid of damaging the slates if I do pull it off as it comes off really easily in my hand. My point is that it doesn’t do any damage, so just leave it there.

Marge occasionally mentions how it looks untidy, though!

no way am I going up a ladder and crawl over the roof to put a strip of copper on the ridge tiles.

would you? that is the gutter in the above photos

I certainly wouldn’t! I can see no logical purpose of placing a copper strip along the ridge tiles. How could that possibly prevent moss settling on the roof slates or tiles further down?

You cleaned out just the guttering I see.:+1::+1:

I get my window cleaner to do mine, I’m also shocked how blocked my down pipe gets, I can manage to clean that one out though as it’s attached to my water but.

You have your skyvac to do the job…they have good reviews.

Pauline that skyvac has saved me a fortune over the years . The only time I had someone in to clear out all the house gutters charged £80 and that was 5 or 6 years ago. Have to do this several times (at least 7/8 times) of the year when the trees start shedding the leaves or like today getting rid of the moss.

As I have prevously said the guy before was a first class bodger of the first water, yet supposed to be a builder.
If you look at that photo you can see the boiler vent in white by the kitchen window. When I came here there was trellis work over it and a rambling rose half way across the back of the house. Had to take it all down because the heat from the boiler vent had scorched the trellis work and the rose trunk, I was worried about the house going up in flames.

Just one of the many many other stupid thing he managed to succesfully achieve

I think he was determined to burn the house down. another was to burn damp wood in the lounge fireplace. This caused the chimney to coke up. Had a chimney sweep in and he said it was so bad we were lucky it didn’t catch alight. I suppose he thought the leaking radiator in the downstairs toilet would put out the flames.

Oh stopping to think about it he had a brilliant escape plan as I found the marks of a dirty great footprint engrained on the widow ledge tiles in the downstairs cloakroom . Needless to say another little job i did replacing the tiles

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Sounds like you rescued that lovely house,RS,:+1::+1:

Beautiful house by the way.:heartpulse:

Does copper kill roof moss? (
I have used copper strip on my roofs since the mid 60’s :ok_hand:

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Lets just say it needed someone who had a better idea of how things should be. I learn’t a hell of a lot as an apprentice electrician mainly working on building sites when apprentices were at the beck and call of all trades.
Think I could write a book about how we found this house and the work that needed doing

Yes this is my “dream house” if you want to put it that way built around mid1980’s

Ah, I see. That does sound perfectly logical.

At the same time it could act as a lightning conductor. Just make sure you earth it - external to the building of course!
(Joking, of course. A real lightning conductor would best have a sharp upward point.)

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Suppository shaped?

No, sharp and pointy to emit ions.

Marge is right it looks awful. How have you persuaded Marge that you should leave it be? I am wondering whether it is just a deliberate male myth that if you clean it off the roof will fall in?

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I seem to have a free gutter clearing service.
Although it’s only a bungalow and I can easily stand on a stepladder to clear the gutters if I need to, I find that the birds usually beat me to it.

I have lots of blackbirds around here and I think they are my diligent gutter cleaners - breaking up all the bits of moss and debris then tossing them over the gutter edge to look for insects underneath.
They do leave a mess on the paths below the gutters, though - I’m wondering how I can teach them to use a dustpan and brush to clear up after their messy feasts! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I just told her that if I remove it the roof will fall in.