Roberts Rambles 2

It was sunny when I started but after a three mile road walk to South Bramwith some fierce looking nimbus clouds were assembling on the horizon and were producing a few spots of rain, but not enough for me to break out the waterproofs or dissuade these fishermen from their match…

I crossed the canal bridge and came across these new barriers that had been erected since last week when I was here.

The river bridge is usually closed in times of flood and a policeman is assigned to prevent any wouldbe crossers, but these barriers would save the overtime. There was also some major riverbank work taking place, it makes me wonder if they know something I don’t…

It’s usually pretty quiet around here, but this work had been going on since March, big job!. After a long uneventful walk along the canal bank, apart from a small downpour that did require the waterproofs, I arrived at this line of Ash trees and was surprised to see that they had only just started to bud. I think that’s pretty late this year…

Time for reflection while it’s quiet before I return to the village and the hustle and bustle, something I never can do when I’m running…

Just six miles today…

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Nice pose at the end there, Foxy! :smiley:

Lovely photos all round actually.

Another interesting walk Bob, which do you enjoy the most - walking or running?

By the way, who took your photo? :slight_smile:

I see the legs got another airing…Great pics :slight_smile:

Can see your rambles are going to be an incentive to get out and about now that restrictions are lifted today and riverside pubs open. :slight_smile:

Interesting pics Robert. Wish I could do the walks with you. Unfortunately my walking days are over. I look forward to more of your photos. Peri.

Thanks Pixie, sometimes it’s nice to escape the realities of life…:cool:

Thanks Mags…:wink:
Walking versus Running? A good question…:017:
Running and walking are like watching a film or reading the book. One takes longer and has more detail, but the story is the same…:smiley:

Self timer on the camera Mags…:lol:

I’ve been walking in the shorts since March, and running in them all through the winter, Summer…:cool:

Now some of the lockdown restrictions have been lifted Cinders, I hoping to expand my horizons…:wink:

All reports are welcome Cinders…:smiley:

Thanks Peri, I’ll do my best to keep you entertained with my adventures and help to bring back some good memories for you I’m sure. Thanks for looking in…:wink:

got yer legs art for the gals ya did,wolf whistle

OOoops, I might get arrested for being sexist…oh what the heck, I’m still whistling anyway

I’d get me legs out anytime for you Lion Queen…:hug:

What a treat!

That looks like a fine course, so lushly green! I forget that one of the advantages of your cooler latitude, longer indirect sun, and fairly copious precipitation makes for that lush, lush green that shows up in all OFF photos. Gorgeous!

That’s a lovely path that parallels the canal, are there trails and improved paths along most trails? I could run forever, if so. Very appealing.

I am sure it is a relief to see tax investment return in infrastructure. When I look at that crossing with the massive gates, I keep thinking how in years past, when common sense didn’t have to be legislated. The survival part of me (ever wanting an escape route) wonders if those gates could likewise be used to keep people from crossing in a siege or attack? Let’s just hope it never gets to that!

You are looking fit as a fiddle, Bob! Great job with the bridge shot too, I hope that goes into your log of travels.

Thanks Surfermom, it’s always good to hear your comments, especially because you can see and feel the same things that I can see and feel…:wink:
Yes, it was looking a little bit brown from a very dry spring (it’s becoming a regular thing just lately) until about three weeks ago when the prevailing Westerlies blew in several depressions and it’s hardly stopped raining since. Although my lawns are looking good…:smiley:
A lot of the canals have towpaths down one side, because in the old days the barges were horse drawn, I can’t remember the horses, but I do remember when canal traffic was at it’s height and it was full of coal laden barges and * ‘Tom Puddings’ * distributing coal the length and breadth of the England. A lot would end up at Hull, a major port, to be shipped abroad. Some canals have been restored but it’s mainly pleasure craft that uses them now. I actually learnt to swim in the local canal when there would be a villate fete once a year with greasy pole walking and swimming races along the canal.

*Tom Puddings were like the waggons on a train, massive square floating containers being towed by the barges. They would sometimes stretch for hundreds of yards behind the barge. The village where I lived had a coal mine where all the locals worked. There was a sort of cable car arrangement from the pit to the canal side where the Tom puddings would be filled from the endless chain of buckets from the coal wash plant.
when I stayed at grandma’s house I could see them from my bedroom window, and spent hours watching them transporting their load of coal to the dock. Fascinating to watch.