RIP Una Stubbs we will miss you!

RIP Una Stubbs
Lovely lady and such a talented actress :cupid:

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Brilliant as the scouse gits wife in Til death us do part, am I allowed to say that in these woke days.

Yes, you are.
She was a very funny lady.

Such a lovely lady,so warm and friendly. I don’t think I heard her say a bad word against anyone. People like her are so very rare.what a shame

RIP Una Stubbs.

Was she in Catweasle too?

I believe so, Aunt Sally ?

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Worzel Gummidge …

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Thanks, Summer Holiday with Cliff.

Oh I don’t remember her in that … must have been before my time.

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I recall her in the TV series with Alf Garnett (a series that couldn’t be shown today I don’t expect) and in various other TV series too.

It’s worth listing the lovely Una’s “credits”:

During 1958–59, Stubbs was the “cover girl” of Dairy Box chocolates, produced by Rowntree’s. She referred to herself as the “Rowntrees Chocolate Girl”, when describing a visit she made to the Rowntree’s factory in York (where, unknown to her, her grandfather had worked).

She first appeared on television as one of the Dougie Squires Dancers on the British television music show Cool for Cats in 1956. She also worked in cabaret, clubs and revues in London during these years and was one of Lionel Blair’s dance ensemble.

Her first major screen role was in Cliff Richard’s 1963 film, Summer Holiday. She also appeared in Richard’s next film, Wonderful Life (1964). A few years later, she made her breakthrough in television comedy, playing Rita, the married daughter of Alf Garnett in the BBC sitcom Till Death Us Do Part (1966–1975). She also appeared in the short-lived sitcom Till Death… (1981), again playing Rita. She played Rita a third time in a few episodes of the BBC sitcom In Sickness and in Health (1985–92). During 1970–71, Stubbs teamed again with Cliff Richard to appear each week on his BBC1 TV Series, It’s Cliff Richard! When she did not take part in the next series as it was broadcast shortly after she had a baby, her TV “mother”, Dandy Nichols from Till Death Us Do Part, took her place.

Stubbs featured in the Fawlty Towers episode “The Anniversary” in 1979. From 1979 to 1981, she played Aunt Sally in the ITV children’s series Worzel Gummidge opposite Jon Pertwee and Barbara Windsor and was for several years a team captain in the weekly game show Give Us a Clue in the 1980s, reuniting her with Lionel Blair, the other team captain.

She appeared in the shows Midsomer Murders, Heartbeat, Casualty, Keeping Up Appearances, Born and Bred and The Worst Witch. In recent years, Stubbs also appeared in Victoria Wood’s We’d Quite Like to Apologise, The Catherine Tate Show, Agatha Christie’s Marple, EastEnders, Benidorm since 2010, and Sherlock as Mrs. Hudson. She appeared in an episode of Call the Midwife in 2015.

I must have seen the lovely Una in most of those - she was never less than wonderful … RIP


There was no baggage with her that today’s persona’s seem to carry.

Sad news, I heard that on the BBC earlier.
RIP Una.