RIP Robbie Coltrane

Sad news as Robbie Coltrane has passed, RIP one of my favs.


Oh my word! Thats a shock…72 he was. I just watched him the other night. RIP Robbie :frowning_face:

Tutti Frutti.
Excellent programme, written by the brilliant John Byrne, and starring Coltrane and Emma Thomson. It introduced me to the excellent phrase “rumpy pumpy”, as in: do you no fancy a bit of rumpy pumpy before we go out? Pure Glasgow, pure genius.
The very much larger than life (or most people) Robbie will be missed but gave such great entertainment.

The “Bond” is well and truly breaking.

I get nervous when someone younger than me dies.

Sleep tight Hagrid.

Such a shame.

Very sad, great Actor, R.I.P.

I really liked Robbie Coltrane, especially in the television series, Cracker.
He always came over as being a lovely man when being interviewed on talk shows.

RIP… Robbie… gone too soon…

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