RIP Austin Mitchell

More sad news hearing the death of Austin Mitchell, MP for Greater Grimsby.

A true champion of Brexit and UK fisheries and someone I always thought was “alright for a lefty” ;). I’ve posted many of his articles on here over the years, I will miss them.

RIP Austin.


Very sad news indeed. RIP Austin Mitchell

My late mother absolutely adored him. Didn’t hold with his politics - but thought he was great!

He once changed his name to Austin Haddock to promote the local fishing industry.

I remember him on YTV (Yorkshire Television) presenting Calendar - news and features from around Yorkshire. He was a bit of a comic and always likeable.

He had cheeky chappie smile and boyish good looks when he was younger…yes I remember him presenting on YTV too Judd.

RIP Austin

I could listen to him all day. RIP Austin.

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Yes, I remember Austin Mitchell on Yorkshire Television in the good old days when I lived in God’s County.
'E wer a good lad fer a left winger.

Although I grew up in North West Norfolk our local TV station was Yorkshire & I remeber Austin well from his days on Calendar with then once nightly Whitely. And a female presenter called Marilyn, I think her name was.

The blonde? Marylin used to be the weather girl.

I am sure her name was Marilyn, or similar. There were the three regular presenters. Richard Whitely, Austin Mitchell & her. I am sure she was blonde & that her name is Marilyn. But it was the 70’s, so over 40 years ago.

Oh yes. I remember Calendar, Richard Whitely and Austin Mitchell when I lived in God’s County. Yorkshire Television, although being the smallest of the ‘big five’ did punch above its weight and produced some excellent TV programmes, some of which are still showing today (though under the names of other companies now). In fact, since the old system of 15 companies all competing (in a friendly way) - and competition always benefits the consumer - ITV has become rather crap for the most part.

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I liked Austin Mitchell, he seemed a genuine sort of chap to me.