Rice cooker surprise

I got a surprise today. I found out what else you can cook in a rice cooker. The answer is just about everything. Did anyone already know this? Anyone who would like to discuss this or contribute please do

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LOL - I cook my rice in an ordinary saucepan, Keezoy, so yes - it can be used for almost anything!:-D:-D:-D

There may be more to rice cookers than I thought, but, even so, I feel it is more a subject for an informal chat, rather than a discussion. :001:

Discussions are for those who want to tell us their opinions, but informal chats are for those who just want to share a few ideas…both are allowed on this site.:slight_smile:

Rice cooker? I had to google that, but I’m not surprised there is such a gadget on the market. Like Silver T, I use an ordinary saucepan.

Yeah, bring it on :smiley:

I was thinking in terms of what would be appropriate, rather than allowed.

Once you get into a discussion, you have to appoint a chair person and sort out an agenda, and all sorts of other stuff. It hardly seems worth the trouble just to talk about alternative uses of a rice cooker. No, I definitely think a chat is the way to go.

Has Matron been round to give you your medicine yet Harbal?:017:

She’s here now, as it happens; along with several other members of staff. We are about to hold a seminar on teapots.

:023: :023:

I just looked at some of the recipes you can use the rice cooker for, and they look quite tasty.
I don’t eat a lot of rice, but I love risottos! It also looks like very healthy eating…but I like to stir creamed cheese into some of my risottos! :043:

Jeeeeez!..I created a monster. Pleeeease!..I just want to ask whether anybody uses a rice cooker for things other than rice. If so what do they do. Like tonight I cooked a nice rich beef and wine filling for some Provincial French style pies. What should we call it?..Discussion?..chat?..Cabinet meeting?!..For god’s sake why don’t we call it Nigel. Let’s have a nice cosy Nigel about rice cookers!..Chairperson?..THat could be me. I’m your huckelberry… And agenda?..Well that would be rice cookers innit?..I’m sorry I asked…:confused:

I was only trying to be helpful, keezoy, but you obviously don’t appreciate my advice. :frowning:

There is no need to help Harbal, we managed very well without it before you arrived. The Mods are excellent here!:lol:

Goodness mate I was talking with my tongue in my cheek…you know, kind of going along with the banter. I’m really sorry if I upset you…Or are you yanking my chain?..Either way don’t sweat it. I cordially invite you to give advice on any subject you chose. :slight_smile:

You seem to be suggesting that I am not excellent, Twink. :001:

Don’t be sorry keezoy, you have tempted me to look for one now.:slight_smile: I always thought they were just steamers, but having seen some of the recipes I am very tempted to get one! :023:

No, just pointing out that the mods are so good, we don’t need any more help!

Okay, keezoy; here’s a second piece of advice: Never invite me to give you any advice. :slight_smile: :hug:

Let me know if you need any tips on what to do with it. :wink: