Restoring Rights to the Territories

The Government has introduced a bill to Federal Parliament which will restore the right of the NT and ACT Governments to make and pass Euthanasia Laws.

Restoring Territory Rights Bill 2022

This was a right taken away by the Howard Government

In the NT

In the ACT

The repeal of these sections will give residents of the ACT and NT the same rights as everybody else in Australia.

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what was little johnny howard thinkin of?

You have to remember at the time the Liberal Party was facing a challenge from the right with One Nation and Howard was trying to keep the conservative wing under control. Fortunately now they are only under threat from the Conservative Teal Independents, unfortunately for the coalition they have actually been successful at the polls.

It was encouraging to see that Pauline Hanson is still as silly as ever and walking out of Parliament during the Acknowledgement of Country. She even managed to string a few words together afterwards to explain why.