Repairing old Photo's

A Little hobby of mine


Do you know the people?

Yes why do you ask. ?

Just wondered.It must have been more satisfying than doing it to something you picked up in a charity shop,that’s all.

Looks amazing! Great skill.

Great job, Alan. :+1:
That photo looks as though it had been viewed and held a lot - perhaps kept in someone’s wallet - so it must be a very cherished memory for someone.
How wonderful it must be to able to restore old photos like that - it looks as good now as it must have looked when it was first developed.

Thank you all it is a photo of my mother and two elder brothers taken around 1948, don’t think I had arrived at the scene yet. It is rather a slow process just concentrating on a small area at a time.

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That is amazing. What a very useful skill

Can you do one of mine please

Can you post it on here, no promises depends on the condition.

@alan2 … very painstaking but very worthwhwile. You did a good job there.

I will try ! Its not showing in my pics at the moment .

Found it …


Beautiful photo! That would be so lovely to have restored.

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my friend and I , aged 14, i still see her now ,
I hope alan sees it !


Was that taken in one of those passport photo booths Cosmos? Brings back memories actually, we used to pile into them as teenagers, usually on the way to parties as I remember. Then you had to wait (seemingly forever)for the strip of piccies to drop down into the little dispenser. And even then it wasn’t all done and dusted, you had to wave the pictures around in the air to dry the chemicals off so that they wouldn’t smudge!

Happy days… selfies were a lot more involved before mobile phones!:+1:


Yep chilli

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