Reminder to self

Grrrrrrr - I must remember to turn the sound on my mobile.
I’ve just spent almost an hour trying to find it & it isn’t easy when you can’t hear a ring!

Do you have any reminders to yourself?

Oh dear.
This was meant to be in General chat & it’s In the news!! I hate these tags!!!


i have reminders to myself everywhere. I have a post-it note on my door reminding me that the floor is slippery outside. It’s a little old, so I need to take that one down.

I also have some paper taped to my wall, but that’s more for encouraging reminders.

I get Alexa to remind me about things…

Me too Summer alexa reminds me

I don’t use alexa anymore - just haven’t got round to setting it back up again. I write down my reminders, and take a photo of them on my phone if I’m going out and need to get things. Otherwise I just stick notes on my fridge.

Actually far more people have reminder notes than you think. Most office staff do as well and many others. You see these reminders around their necks on little cards with their name and photo on so they don’t forget who they are


Haha! Or get tattoos with their names in fancy writing, also their childrens names, one under the other with dates of birth so they remember birthdays!

I have to write everything down,and with luck i find my note book.

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I have a really strange and rather radical device - it’s called a ‘memory’ ! Doesn’t rely on internet, disembodied voices, smart 'phones, electricity or paper - and it’s never failed me yet! :smiley_cat: :smiley_cat:


The bins…

The other day my alexa reminded me

Reminder ,go riding !

What , I’ve never been on a horse in my life and even worse I didn’t know what she was reminding me to do .

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I hate Alexa’s reminders - first of all you get a double bong, so you tell her to stop because the bongs alone have reminded you what it is. Then she goes ahead and tells you anyway, so you have to tell her to stop again. Nah, can’t stand it, I use the reminders feature on my phone.