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Love Never Dies is a B side song recorded for Still Waters album, released in 1997
The magic of ‘’ Still Waters’’

Still Waters is the Bee Gees’ twenty-first original album, released in March 1997.


In 1994, the Bee Gees and Polydor Records had planned a major tour to promote Size Isn’t Everything (1993) but it was postponed in February the same year due to Barry Gibb’s trouble with arthritis in his back, right hand and right knee. Following the cancellation of the tour, Robin Gibb told the press that the group were working on an album of acoustic versions of songs they had written for other artists. The project is later called Love Songs which featured some new recordings. However, their record company rejected the album and the new songs were included on a new studio album instead, announced in September 1994 and releasing it on 14 February (Valentine’s Day) of 1995.

Around 1994, the Bee Gees did record six songs, one of the tracks called “Miracles Happen” which was written and recorded to be the title song for a new film version of Miracle on 34th Street and the Bee Gees got the job in June 1994 and quickly returned this recording, with a boys’ choir and a big string section backing them. The filmmakers however decided later to use only old Christmas songs. On the same session, they also did their own version of their compositions such as “Emotion” (Samantha Sang) and “Heartbreaker” (Dionne Warwick), “Love Never Dies” and “Rings Around the Moon” were later released as B-sides.


In July 1995, they started with seven demos for what would become included on the album. Also, a four demos recorded in the second quarter of 1995. On the October 1995 sessions they recorded their rendition of “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” for a Carole King tribute album Tapestry Revisited: A Tribute to Carole King.

In March 1996, they relocated in The Hit Factory in New York to record two songs. Around 1996, the Bee Gees used session musicians to complete the entire album which was, the session was produced by Russ Titelman. Also in 1996, the Bee Gees recorded two songs on which two members of P.M. Dawn, Attrel Cordes and Jarett Cordes. While the producer on “With My Eyes Closed” is Raphael Saadiq. “Still Waters (Run Deep)” was produced by Hugh Padgham. The last song recorded for the album was “Closer than Close” which features Maurice Gibb’s lead vocals produced by the brothers themselves.


The Bee Gees recorded further new songs in 1996 and 1997 and Still Waters was released in March 1997. Though receiving lukewarm reviews from critics, the album was their most successful album in almost twenty years, which was released at a time when the Bee Gees were being awarded for lifetime achievements, had recently been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and were regaining high exposure on television, particularly VH1. The album sold over 5 million copies worldwide,[citation needed] peaking at No. 2 on the UK Albums Chart and reaching No. 11 in the United States. The Bee Gees made the album with a variety of top producers, including Russ Titelman, David Foster, Hugh Padgham, and Arif Mardin. The first single off the album, “Alone” was a worldwide hit, peaking at No. 5 in the UK and No. 28 in the United States, where it began as a “hot shot debut” at No. 34. “I Could Not Love You More” and “Still Waters (Run Deep)” also reached the UK top 20.

n a special agreement with Target, Polydor also sold a special edition of the album which included a bonus CD of songs from their VH1 Storytellers concert. This CD has never been made commercially available outside of the Target agreement.


In 2003 Robin Gibb re-recorded the track “My Lover’s Prayer” as a duet with Alistair Griffin. This reached No. 5 on the UK Singles Chart as a double A-side single with Griffin’s solo recording of “Bring It On”. It also appears on Griffin’s debut album Bring It On, which reached No. 12 on the UK Albums Chart.

The album became one of the first of the Bee Gees’ catalogue to be re-released on Reprise Records after the group regained the rights to all of their recordings in 2006.


‘Time is Time’ was Andy Gibb’s last Top 20 American hit; reaching #15 in early 1981. It is one of my favourites of his; perhaps because it is one of his least known. British born, Australian raised and an American adult, Andy’s glorious light burnt out way way way too soon; in 1988 at aged 30. I’ve used the original full length version of this song (it was edited with a fade for the 7 inch) and used two clips of Andy performing the track to create this clip. I know he still has a lot of fans around the world!

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Time Is Time

Andy Gibb

Greatest Hits

I Just Want To Be Your Everything - Andy Gibb

Released on: 1977-09-09 Producer: Barry Gibb Producer: Albhy Galuten Producer, Studio Personnel, Mixer: Karl Richardson Composer Lyricist: Barry Gibb Auto-generated by YouTube.

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I Just Want To Be Your Everything

Andy Gibb

Flowing Rivers

Robin Gibb Funeral - A Final Farewell (2/2) - Rings Around The Moon - Robin Gibb

Dedicated to Bee Gees Robin Gibb 1949-2012 RIP! Sir Robin! Bee Gees Robin Gibb ~ Rings Around The Moon. This video pay a tribute to Robin Gibb (Bee Gees) in remembering his funeral day, his final farewell to all the fans in the world (us), featuring Bee Gees “Rings Around The Moon” from their “Alone” Single. Alone is one of the hit songs of Bee Gees “Still Waters” Album with other great hits such as “I Could Not Love You More” “Still Waters Run Deep” and many more. Sir. Robin Gibb has pass away with great Honor. He is a Brillant Songwriter of our generation, He is another Great Singer dying too young… We sure gonna miss him forever, We fly rings around the moon…Rest In Peace Sir Robin Gibb Bee Gees - Rings Around The Moon from “Still Waters” Album, all songs written by Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb. If you like my video please also check the song with “***” I have the video created in tribute to Robin Gibb & Maurice Gibb as well. RIP Robin & Maurice Track Listing: “Alone” – 4:49 *** “I Surrender” – 4:18 “I Could Not Love You More” – 3:43 *** “Still Waters Run Deep” – 4:08 *** “My Lover’s Prayer” – 4:00 *** “With My Eyes Closed” – 4:19 “Irresistible Force” – 4:36 “Closer Than Close” – 4:34 *** “I Will” – 5:08 *** “Obsessions” – 4:43 *** “Miracles Happen” – 4:12 *** “Smoke and Mirrors” – 5:00 Bonus tracks “Rings Around the Moon” – 4:30 *** “Love Never Dies” – 4:07

He should have been satisfied with a good Barnet, and not searched elsewhere.

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BEE GEES “You win again + When He’s Gone”

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You Win Again

Bee Gees


When He’s Gone

Bee Gees

High Civilization

No Where Man - Bee Gees

BEE GEES - My Thing

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My Thing

Bee Gees

Cucumber Castle

Turning Tide · Bee Gees

Music1 songs

Turning Tide

Bee Gees

Cucumber Castle

Released on: 1970-01-01

Producer: Bee Gees
Producer: Robert Stigwood
Composer Lyricist: Barry Gibb
Composer Lyricist: Maurice Gibb

Bee Gees - Run To Me (1972) *Studio Audio Sincro HQ

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Run To Me

Bee Gees

To Whom It May Concern

MELHORES MUSICAS DE BEE GEES - Bee Gees Para Matar a Saudade

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I Started A Joke

Bee Gees


You Don’t Say Us Anymore

[Robin Gibb - Topic]
Released on: 1985-01-01 Background Vocals: Robin Gibb Background Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Producer: Maurice Gibb Keyboards: Mitchell Froom Keyboards: Duane Hitchings Programming, Samples: Scott Glasel Guitars: Steve Farris Guitars: George Terry Bass: Phil Chen Drums: Sandy Gennaro Percussion: Valter Antunes Horns: Ed Calle Horns: Alto Reed Background Vocals: Barry Gibb Producer: Tom Dowd Sound Engineer: Dennis Hetzendorfer Recording Assistant: Leslie Shapiro Sound Engineer: Bill Schnee Mixing Assistant: Glen Holguin Sound Engineer: Doug Sax Composer: Maurice Gibb Composer: Robin Gibb Auto-generated by YouTube.

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You Don’t Say Us Anymore

Robin Gibb


Barry Gibb - End Of The Rainbow 2016

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End of the Rainbow

Barry Gibb

In The Now

Bee Gees - Wouldn’t I Be Someone

Fanny (Be Tender With My Love) - Bee Gees

Bee Gees - Edge of the Universe

Bee Gees - Kiss of Life

from the Album Size Isn’t Everything 1993

Someone Belonging To Someone