Remeber Pen Pals?

Would you send an hand-written letter to a woman you’ve not met? Would you take the time to get to know a woman old school?

I’d like an old-school Pen Pal.

Stateside. USA. Living in or around Philadelphia. Or on Sanibel Island.

With opinions, but not to the degree those opinions or a worldview is a deal-breaker…

Remember when we could be different without wanting to stomp our feet or storm the Nation’s Capitol building?

Good God, what have we done to ourselves- to our future- to our todays and yesterdays…

I live in a bubble of 1983.

I do.

Child of the 80’s as to my parents’ generation - children of the 50’s.

Where is my tribe?

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Hello MudSkunk ,I hope you find your old school pen pal, that’s if I’ve read your post correctly.:grin:

Welcome to the forum, maybe you could post a bit more, so we can get to know you better, …however,I hope you find what you are looking dor.:+1:

Yes, I remember pen pals, quite a few members on here had pen pals.

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I still have several pen pals over the pond, the only difference now we all have the internet, is we all converse via e-mail. This is an improvement as replies are received within a few seconds of sending.

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Yet the point is to receive a hand written letter, in the mailbox.

Not the instant reply or typing sent electronically. Two entirely different types of human interaction. :slight_smile:

Not a cynic, not a pessimist, but it is sort of an oxymoron to think I’d find a pen pal online :smiley: :grinning:

Yet, one never knows… :smiley:

Well, pen pal websites are advertised online,:roll_eyes:

Enquire about written pen pals online, plenty of information on where to start.

Perhaps your American postal system is more reliable than Royal Mail, but here in England, several items have gone astray addressed to me this year. At least with e-mail, its either delivered as directed, or returned undelivered to my inbox.

I still have pen pals.

When I was a Teenager I had a Pen Pal a French Boy, but when he sent me a photo of himself, he was so ugly that I never wrote back again.

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Awww Susie…I bet you broke his heart! :joy:

I have a couple of people I keep in contact with via regular emails. I cannot remember how it started but we have sending email chat backwards & forwards for well over 10 years.