Relax (thinking out loud)

Relax, don’t do it :018: was the advice of Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Try as I might, I could never relax and not do it. I always got more and more agitated, and then I gave in and did it. I used to get terrible hay fever, right from being a child to well into my twenties, and one of the worst things about it was the intensely itchy eyes. :022: It presented me with a real dilemma. The itch would become unbearable, yet I knew that as soon as I gave in and rubbed my eyes, it would become even worse. Once I rubbed them, and the moment of blissful relief had past, they not only started to itch again, but now they were also sore into the bargain. :100: And so went on the vicious cycle of itching and rubbing and ever more sore eyes. :010:

I did eventually manage to achieve my ambition of relaxing and not doing it. Not just with the itchy eyes, but right across the board with all of my hay fever symptoms. The best I was hoping for was to arrive at a position of being able to tolerate the summer misery of severe hay fever. :090:What I actually found though, once I had willed myself into being able to ignore the steaming eyes and nose, and all the itching and sneezing, was that the damned hay fever just stopped.:017: It went away completely. :102:

I don’t know if Holly Johnson’s hay fever ever came back, but relaxing and not doing it definitely worked for me. :026:

I suffered too Harbal. A real pain in the ass if you ask me.


I had a massive crush on Holly Johnson back in the day. I had every song, every album, I taped the top 40 every Sunday night, I had every Frankie Says T-Shirt and sang the songs in complete innocence in the middle of the supermarket. Some one asked me “Frankie says Relax, don’t do it - don’t do what, exactly?” I was all “I dunno…?” Good times :smiley:

Did yours go away, LD, or do you still have it?

Actually, Pixie, I was relaxing and not doing it well before anyone ever heard of Frankie, so, technically speaking, it was me you should have had the crush on. :049:

I’m not surprised it got banned by the BBC, disgusting, if you ask me.

Hahaha! But you weren’t singing at the time, so…:102: (@ Harbal, sorry forgot to quote. Again. :roll: )

Oh please…it was not. It was fun! :smiley:

Don’t be a prude, d00d. :slight_smile:

No, but like Frankie, what I was saying during the worst of my hay fever bouts could have been construed as very offensive. :slight_smile:

Only joking.

… tell the beeb it’s a song about something … erm … unconventional, they’d panic and ban it in those day. :roll:

I was far too innocent at that time to know what offensive was :shock:

It was a set up, the rumours, the bbc ban, added to it’s popularity, a huge hit, it’s a good song. :smiley:

If you say so, Pixie. :wink:

A good friend who runs a chicken farm Near Battle East Sussex…His farm has everything to feed his hayfever. He use to come over and work from our home, building chicken houses and runs with my Husband, we lived on the edge of an estate, Pebsham, but right next to Pebsham Farm, so when it was pollen time he streamed and streamed, never seen anything like what he had.

When really unbearable he took medication which these days is non drowsy. He does not believe it will ever go now.

He is slim and looks average but his lifestyle I presume, has made him extremely strong and it he cuts himself he stitches his own wounds…he is accident prone and once had to go to the Hospital as a drill bit slipped and ended up just below one of his eyes…Never saw that incident as we had moved here by then. His son bought our Smart Car when we moved to France…just as an add on…like one does…

He seems calm but he said his previous job was mapping sewers for repairs etc which he walked away from through stress…He runs the chicken farm/shop with his wife and also designs buildings via the pc for various companies, so is talented but all those pointers mean what…stress allergy I do think as he also has Vitiligo so cannot get the Sun on his Skin at all.

I get sudden sneezing fits and can sneeze 20 times…not on a regularly basis though.

I’ve only just found out it was about ejaculation. I thought it was more kinky than that.

i don’t get hay fever but I have learned not to rub my eyes if they itch. It’s just not worth it. But boy does it feel GOOD at the time. I’m very careful what I put on them and the products I use on my skin. Definitely certain creams and make up would irritate them. Plus if I rub them I make sure it’s with clean hands. You can do yourself such an injury. I take some Piriton if I ever forget.

Sometimes I think that if I was any more relaxed I’d be dead.