Recording in PAL or NTSC

So what is the difference and which should I be aware of. The number of lines on a monitor or TV are different between say the USA nd many other countries
NTSC is the Americam standard and PAL used in the OK.
So if looking for a camera or camcorder that does videos make sure you select the correct one
NTSC will produce lines across the screen and there is very little one can do to eliminate.

That info has been out of date for years RS. Cathode ray tubes are no longer used, lines are no longer scanned - LED pixels are controlled individually and basically can all be turned on and off at once.

When I worked in TV we called NTSC “Never Twice the Same Colour” because colours would change hue when saturation varied (eg a red bus going from sunlight to shade). PAL overcame that problem by alternating the phase on alternate lines and taking an average…

It is all academic now because TVs no longer scan lines and the picture is created a completely different way. Modern screens can handle NTSC or PAL and don’t care which system is used.

From memory the UK used 405 lines (really crap picture) them went to 625, France and Europe used 525 lines (I think the US did too but that could be completely wrong)

The heading is Recording in Pal or NTSC using camcorders. OK modern TVs can accept either but camcorders still use one or the other so important getting the correct one depending which country your in

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