Recommending HELP

One off drama on Channel 4 at 9pm tonight called HELP. It sounds an excellent drama and stars the brilliant actor Stephen Graham who was in Time if anyone watched that. It’s about the covid pandemic and care home. I can’t wait.

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Watched it in two goes.Very harrowing,it shocked me,didn’t realise care homes had it so bad.It was well made and well acted.

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yes it was Rhosyn, it made me cry as I imagined how hard it must have been for them.

One of my friends was a carer in a care home and she told us that so many of her residents were dying. The ambulance brought them back to die…my friend was like ‘but you can’t bring them here’ but they had no choice. She has since caught covid herself and now suffers long covid so can no longer care.

The line up of actors were superb.

The only thing I didn’t like about the drama was when they kept making things blurry, I’m not quite sure why they needed to do that.

Should get an award for that drama.


I watched today , it was well acted with a good cast . I hated it when she rang 111 for help yet just got a recorded answer saying they were overwhelmed and would answer as soon as they could .


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Sorry - error.

I thought it was harrowing…I expect it was very true to life which makes it so disturbing…brilliantly acted in my opinion…I agree it should get an award.