Reasons to be cheerful

Well in the news/life we have had we have had Brexit, Covid, Petrol rises, Political unrest, War, The Queens passing, Power price increases, Mortgage woes, threatened power cuts and now strikes. So, my thinking is post when you do, see, read, hear a positive happy good event story or deed. I leave it to you all welcome to reasons to be cheerful.

I shall start I love the fact you are all so nice and Thank you.

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We’ve seen it all before, and lived through it cheerily, came out stronger.

Except a pandemic. The pandemic word wasn’t even in my dictionary.

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Hmm…I hope this isn’t going to involve doing a good deed every day of the week :wink:

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Well dictionary wasn’t a word when we all started LOL

Well, they all happened to someone else so far, so it is good news all the way for me :innocent:

I am pissed off about the cost of diesel and the rain though.

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We have to keep cheerfull,its what we do best
If you can`t fix it,deal with it or it gets you down,and thats not good for your mental health.

Does cheerfully sending spiders sailing out into the wind, count at all? I found one in the boiler cupboard this morning with a big web and two web-wrapped snacks for later. Hoovered everything up and chucked everything out with a “cheery-bye, don’t rush back” :joy:

Perhaps not for the spiders.

Oh dear!
I vaguely remember reading something about evicting house spiders, the point was that they return to from whence they came, sometimes they bring their mates along too. :spider_web: :spider:

Weegie spiders with attitude :wink:

Ooh er, shhhh!

With the way things are going at the moment I’m all for taking the old Chinese approach and not mentioning anything good we’ve still got in case the gods see it as hubris and take away that too!

Here are reasons to be cheerful.
We are all still alive.
Even if we live alone, we can chat to people on here and share their joys, or even offer comfort if they are sad.
I think we all have a place to live and food to eat & I am sure we can all find something to laugh about on various threads.
Not every person is that fortunate so we should be happy that we do. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Reasons to be cheerful

Summer, Buddy Holly, the working folly
Good golly, Miss Molly and boats

Hammersmith Palais, the Bolshoi Ballet
Jump back in the alley and nanny goats

Eighteen wheeler Scammells, Dominica camels
All other mammals plus equal votes

Seeing Piccadilly, Fanny Smith and Willie
Being rather silly and porridge oats

© Ian Dury



I have been told that I am going home today.

The care package from the hospital can start tomorrow and I can go home even though I am in isolation with COVID.

This is because I live on my own.


Two years ago I had a long illness and the surgeon told my wife that she may have to expect the worst. But I survived. That alone, is enough reason to be cheerful.


The main reason to be cheerful during this gloomy and uncertain time is that people are rediscovering the meaning of life - family, friendship, charity, empathy, working together & supporting others. The human race has survived far greater challenges.


My kitchen is being fitted tomorrow and the builder has told me we might be able to move back in on Thursday…Yay!!! fingers crossed it will happen… a real reason to be cheerful if it does


Too right !I’ve had two near death experiences so every day when I know I’m still alive I feel cheerful …

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Every day for me as well is a bonus after that hospital episode a few years back,so no complaints from me as to what is happing in todays world

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