Rash on feet

Gracie got up today with a very itchy rash on top of her feet. I’ve put some calamine in it and given her an antihistamine but wondered if anyone has any idea ?

She hasn’t used any new products so I’m not sure what it might be causing it. Odd place too on top of feet I’d have thought.

How strange.
Julie, all I could find was this:

Q. What causes a rash on the top of your feet?

A. With atopic eczema, the anterior aspect of the ankle is a common location and scratching can lead to lichenification of skin. Contact dermatitis is caused by an allergic reaction to the skin. … A shoe contact dermatitis can lead to a symmetrical pattern of rash on the feet.

Has she got any new shoes/socks? Could it be a reaction to an insect bite, perhaps a flea? Please don’t be offended, but you did say all the dogs sleep on her bed, so just a thought.

Aha she was trying on shoes yesterday ! I wonder if that’s it. If so as she failed to buy any this should go away with what we’ve done already.

She’s not usually a rashy child, so it took me by surprise.