Rant about photography forums

Every so often on another photographic forum members ask for information as to which is best or worth getting.
It can be something like " I am looking for a new camera" how brilliant is that. Absolutely nothing about price bracket- type/make of camera - new or used- etc etc. They seem to think we are mind readers who know what their requirements are .
A recent one is quote " Any recommendations on a monitor up to £300? What features do I need to look out for?" unquote no mention of size or 10809p or 4k model . can’t even decide if it is for photos or gaming. why on earth don’t people do some research of their own as I do then make up their minds.

Again now some of the questions now being asked are exam questions and looking for a quick answer. to my mind one can never learn that way without seeking he answers for themselves.

I can’t say that it annoys me, not even intensely. I take pictures, some work and some are krap., À chacun son goût or Chacun son goût …

What if you don’t have gout ?

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Dery drol…:slight_smile:

Realspeed, You are looking at this from the wrong angle…

Instead, you should be flattered that someone less knowledgeable than yourself, is proving their confidence in yours and the other member’s greater knowledge and expertise.

After all, weren’t you once a novice yourself?

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Yes but I did a lot of research to discover what I wanted to know long before going onto a photographic site. More a case of trial and error many time over before I learnt

During nurse training one of the tutors used to say the only stupid question is the one you did not bother to ask before you got something wrong.


I think asking a general question is fine though? If nobody knows what to look for, the probably want recommendations as to what others use, before they move on to more technical stuff. Don’t knock the newbies! :smiley:

surely anyone knows what they want first then ask more specific questions on particular items. If buying say a car you don’t go into a car dealership and just say you want to buy a car or maybe some do I don’t know…

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Possibly, but…if I were a newbie, I would say “I want a camera that does landscapes, and close up shots” and thats all I would know to ask. If it were a car (given I don’t have a car and have never driven in my life) I would say “I want a car that is easy to drive, easy on fuel and is a nice green colour” I don’t know what else to ask about.
You have been doing this for such a long time, and delved into all the techy stuff and equipment, that you forget what its like to be a novice :joy: I think with newbies, you have to imagine they are all 6 years old :smiley:

I have used a Nikon DSLR for years, spent a bloody bomb on lenses etc,I have mixed feelings about photo forums, some contributors are good and offer advice and help, whilst others are like wine snobs, ‘ don’t buy that…buy this…I wouldn’t spend less than ££££ on that lenses etc…… :grinning:

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