Radio channel you prefer

Radio 2, it makes me shout at the car radio, the presenters are so pretentious. :angry:

LBC and Classic FM, smooth classics at seven being my favourite programme.

Goodness, it all sounds very high brow.

Radio Caroline or Caroline Flashback.
Sometimes Planet Rock
Or LBC when Nick Abbot is on.

But also ABC (Australia) Grandstand for Aussie Sport,ESPN radio or Westwood one for American sport.
And Five live Sports extra for the cricket.
And Radio 4 for Just a Minute and I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue

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Listen to LBC with NF. today listening to Radio Caroline. If you would like to listen to other radio stations all over the world try Radio Garden

no radio for me. Back in the 60s & 70s I loved lots of pop but no more.

Wasn’t it possible to tune in to the old bill in the dim and distant past?
The audio was a bit scratchy and I think you’d only receive one side of the conversation… might have been on long wave but it was certainly reality radio.

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It might have been on short wave or one of the CB wireless channels. When I lived in Berinsfield UK as a youth, we used to tune in and listen in and if anyone on the estate was mentioned we would pass the message on. Anything to help the boys in blue …

Used to be on FM,along with Taxis.
Between about 100 and 108 on the dial and below 88.
Now you can get apps for that sort of thing( America anyway)

Ah! It certainly wasn’t CB, this was definitely pre Smokey and the Bandit :wink:

I think that must have been it, FM. The other slightly unusual Chanel I remember tuning into as a kid was Radio Moscow.

Oh yeah.
They were on medium wave as well as Shortwave.Broadcasting from a powerful transmitter in Kaliningrad.That lasted until they closed down.
As was Radio Sweden who had a brilliant live cult music show on Saturday evening.
American Forces Network used to boom in from Germany which was great for American sport.
Yesterday I discovered Neede AM on 1008 kHz only to find out it was their last day!
They played great music!

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Blimey!!! what sort of estate was that (how many tower Blocks?) you would have had to have had a death wish to start eavesdropping and reporting on the estate I remember. :laughing:

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The radio nerds out there(I’m one)
might like playing around with this

There are others.
The chat box is handy.
Putting in 648 kHz will get you Radio Caroline’s MW broadcast.
Still a surprising amount on Shortwave.
As I type I’m listening to Radio Mi Amigo.

I don`t like the radio but my husband listens to Cannock Chase radio.

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Planet rock
Five live
Radio 3
and others
depends on mood

Bluegrass Country
I haven’t listened to this station for years.
Still around , good :slightly_smiling_face:

Radio 2 in the car, but anywhere else you have to have an account to tune in.

If l listen to the radio, it’s usually via Alexa or via tv. I like LBC, Talk Rado, Times Radio and Radio2 for Pop-Master only.
It’s on at 10.30am each weekday for about 15 minutes. I am a bit rubbish on the music questions after the 1960/70’s