Quite a busy day

This morning we were up and early. I had an appoint with my Doctor’s Surgery - just the routine annual check up. No problems. The usual bloods, the weights and measures, and the blood pressure. Then we had the groomer - she collects Max for him. She is so good with him and I think it is mutual.

The we did a bit of DIY. We put a new mirror in our downstairs bathroom. About 800mm by 500mm. We are rather pleased with it.

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I think a larger mirror makes the light shine better in a bathroom. My bathroom is tiny, but the window is a decent size. My mirror is round though, which I’m not keen on so I might change it after christmas.

FWIW the mirror came from Ikea. It amazed me that it cost just £12 so if you want to get one that might be the place to go.

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That’s an idea, thank you :+1: My current one came from a wee local hardware shop and cost £9, no frame either! It looked nice in the bathroom I had before moving house, but here it just looks a bit wrong. I’ll have a look in Ikea though :smiley:

Our mirror doesn’t have a frame either. I screwed it into the wall plugs so frame is not showing - just a simple, flat wall.

Ahhh but Besoeker, the thing is… do you look more handsome in the new mirror?!

Well of course!