Quantum battery breakthrough paves way for instant recharging

The next-generation battery technology has the potential to revolutionise energy storage by making use of a phenomenon known as superabsorption.

This process involves a quantum mechanical principle relating to a molecule’s ability to absorb light, requiring less charging time the more they become entwined.

This means that it is theoretically possible for the charging power of a quantum battery to increase faster than the size of the battery. Superabsorption therefore means the bigger the battery, the faster it charges.

  • well this is fascinating! :nerd_face: Imagine just being able to have one battery in the corner of your living room from which you can charge everything

@PixieKnuckles , As you say pixie, interesting !
But sounds a bit like “perpretual motion” to me ?
Which apparently cant be done whilst still being on this planet ??

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But not instant charging. That would be impossible. But what do I know…

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Blind the people with science and as long it convinces the people who are financing this theory good luck to them. But in my opinion it’s very vague and as the article suggests ‘In Theory’ it should work…Before we celebrate lets wait until they can produce a working model that is efficient and cheap to build. Then you only have to have a laser in every household to charge the battery.


I know nothing about it all, but it seems like a good idea…? I imagined something the size of a fridge, with lots of usb ports on it?

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nice idea

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It just occurred to me that perhaps its for cars…or more than cars. Perhaps there are plans afoot to turn other things into “chargeable” items?