Purpose before profit

In an ideal world.

Sigh, I suppose I’m just cynical but one constant you can count on in human beings is greed

And I think this is just the latest self promotion trick for money grabbing companies

They used to brag about their “green” credentials, now it’s “purpose”?

Just a way to con the public and their employees, I think

What will these companies do when the stakes are down, theirs not much profit to go round and their shareholders and executives are squealing for a bigger cut?

On the other hand, on a smaller scale, I’ve seen a couple of not-for-profit community organisations contribute a lot

But these were set up with the purpose of contributioning, while these companies were set up with the purpose of fat profits for the owners and shareholders


Nothing new about this concept. In fact, this article is 2 years old. It also doesn’t say much. It’s just the idea that if you have a purpose people can get behind, profits follow. The paradoxical idea that not focusing on profit leads to profit is an old idea.

Curious part about this article is that it kept talking about an association. It sounded like an ad for this association. It’s hard to tell what this is about out of context. It looks like it’s from a blog.

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Jumping on the Bandwagon, there is an award award ceremony.


Another cynic here.

I’m wary of non-profitmaking organisations, because I used to work for one … nice office in central London, big salaries, spend most of it before declaring profit. Give that profit away.

I’ve never heard of this Purpose Before Profit lark, so can’t comment.

I thought the purpose of any business was to make a profit ?
Everything is produced for sale not for use.

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A shared vision and purpose gives direction to teams and galvanises people to go beyond to achieve a meaningful and ambitious goal. A clear purpose engages a range of stakeholders, from customers and employees to investors, who are reassured by a long-term plan for impact and growth.

This special award recognises organisations who put their purpose before profit and prove that ethics, integrity and a social conscience make commercial sense.

The British Business Excellence Awards and Octopus Energy for Business have partnered to pay tribute to those organisations that have gone above and beyond to make a real impact in their industry or community.

Judges will look for evidence of how purpose before profit has been brought to life in the delivery of products, services or solutions in organisations of all types and sizes across all sectors.

Self-praise is no praise.

I think it appropriate to be cynical on such things. Green washing and rainbow flag washing do not really change anything. As long as directors of companies are rewarded on profit and as long as shareholders are demanding greater and greater returns on investment then the only goal will be profit.
It is interesting to look at the difference between the UK and Germany in terms of how many major businesses are family owned. Family ownership can mean that different factors drive the performance of the company, not just that year’s profit. Long term investment, continuity of ownership, care for employees, willingness to reduce profits for 1-2 years if needed. Just the top 500 family owned businesses (smallest has half a billion turnover) in Germany contribute 43% of the GDP. All, every single one, of the UK family businesses (most are v small) makes up less than 20% of GDP.
It strikes me that a business owned by a family will have a different approach to profit.

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What on Earth is Carol’s purpose? Not like her to nobble people in this way.

Starting to like her politics, forget the rear of the year shite :laughing:

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Vorderman has had a very interesting and challenging life. She does not like injustice and social wrongs. She is intelligent and articulate. No wonder the dismal right wing press hate her.
There was a good interview with her on a podcast - one of a series of interviews that James O’Brien does. Worth looking it up and taking time to listen to. Then you can understand what on earth is Carol’s purpose. The interview is a much better insight into Carol’s values and believes than you’d get from a very, very bad Mail article.
And given the choice of who to have dinner with - jump at the chance to a good conversation with Carol Vorderman; and jump at the chance to throw rotten food at Amanda Platell.


Got it@Lincolnshire, she likes:“Pulling the pin out and throwing the grenade”.

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Yeah, I have read quite a few of Carols comments on X (twitter) and must admit I was quite surprised and impressed.

Were you influenced by her arse?

Foxy, what are you doing twitting of Xing, I am very disappointed :icon_wink:

Her arse did arouse me enough to delve a little further into my love of figures Spitty, but what I found was a woman who actually has some nous and not just a woman who can add up numbers…

When there’s nowt’ on’t telly, and the forum gets tedious, I sometimes wander on to the dark side Spitty…

Guy Hands a name to remember.

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