Puns picture quiz 6

12 pictures that represent a phrase or object a bit like dingbats but more detailed.

Goodness me these are hard!

11 is ice cream.

8 = Frankenstein. :grimacing:

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  1. Ice cream sundae
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3 seems to be jigsaw puzzle, but the inclusion of a jigsaw puzzle in the picture makes me wonder. :thinking:

Damn! :rage:

Maybe just Jigsaw because it’s a saw and they’re all dancing/jigging?

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Yes but there is an actual jigsaw puzzle in the picture, which is surely too blatant to be a clue. :017:

Perhaps this one is easier than we thought!!

  1. Welsh Rarebit ?

12.Peas in a pod ?

  1. Let us pray
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  1. Home run
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  1. Two peas in a pod

May we have some clues please?!

  1. Whisky on the rocks
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  1. Chain smoker?
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  1. Whisky on the rocks
    3 Jigsaw
    6 Home run
    7 Chain smoker
    8 Frankenstein.
    10 Let us pray
    11 Ice cream sundae

correct answers still No2 4 5 9 &12 to guess
will try give some clues to help

4 nothing to do with rabbit but is what movement it makes plus country not wales
5 girl in pic is a ??? look in background theres a wall representing the country
12 think something we find in prison + something we use everyday

(not sure about clues for 4 and 9)

4.Hop Scotch
5.Made in China

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