Protein shake

I recently discovered protein shakes and fruit shakes and got to tell you the difference it makes in your health

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. . . well go on then Cass, I’m still waiting . . :lol: :wink:

… me too! :slight_smile:

I’m not :slight_smile: better to spend the money on whole fresh fruit and food containing protein like milk or cheese .

Most doctors agree with me. the other substances in whole fruit for instance like fibre help the body to absorb the goodness from the fruit and increase overall gut health.

I have a smoothie maker, cucumber, strawberries and banana plus milk, yum,yum.

Yes I have a smoothie maker too. I like one for breakfast most days. My favourite is, Rasps, Strawberrys, Banana, mixed with Coconut Water.

Haven’t had a smoothie in a long time, but I would have them all the time in the past. I’ve been thinking about getting back to them. I had frozen fruit in the freezer and frozen bananas all the time to make smoothies. One of my favorites was frozen strawberries, blueberries, bananas and soy milk.

Sounds delicious! Not keen on soy milk - would/will probably use semi skimmed. Just invested in a new food processor and, apparently, it will make smoothies. Unboxed it yestermorn and found so many attachments/tools with it - it will take me a while to learn which does what!

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Sounds fun! Maybe we’ll get to read about or see pictures of your creations?

May have to wait a little while as the next thing on the agenda is a new cooker. It will be installed towards the end of this month. Once that is done - and I have my kitchen back - I will find a permanent ‘home’ for my new toy. Don’t want it to live in a box or a cupboard - want it out and readily accessible - I love to cook!

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