Proper thick fog!

It is a long time since I have seen proper, thick, fog - but we have it here at the moment. Just went up the road to the piller box and could hardly see to cross the road! I can cope with most weather - but really do not like fog.

Fog (a Haiku)

Damp enveloping
Fog, distorting sight and sound
Winter has arrived.

© December 2021

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Fog,we had a lot in S Wales when I was child.We’d hear this lot of nights.OK if you are tucked up in bed :slight_smile:

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yes, it has forecast thick fog for us tomorrow, I hope it’s not foggy on my way to work, it frightens me to drive in it.

Keep it there will ya tabs :upside_down_face:

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I actually like fog - it atmospheric. But we don’t have any at the moment.
And I’m sorry for you guys who don’t like drive in it.

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I love it …it’s spooky … but no, not nice to drive in.

Still for anyone who likes snow they’re forecasting a ‘snowbomb’ for the 27th Dec.

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I don’t like snow to drive in either lol. I’d rather it snowed on Christmas day though, it looks so pretty on the special day

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Hopefully this fog you’re experiencing doesn’t have a red tinge to it. They do say this Covid variant Omicron is spreading rapidly…

You’re right Tabby, it does distort sight and sound.
We often get it here in winter! It’s just a cloud that reaches the ground!

@psmith that’s quite the foghorn. I’d hate to be standing underneath it when they let her blow! :slight_smile:

There’s quite a lot of folk sayings about fog.
One I remember:
For every fog in October, a snow in the winter.
We had no fog in October, and so far it’s snowed 5 times.
So much for that one!

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It’s going to be beautiful here. Temperatures of 10/11c and sunshine all day. I’m hoping to get out for a shortish walk later on - or even do some gardening.