Professional protestor vandal


Too bonkers for me!


A bloody good whack with a snooker cue would knock them senseless.

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Some folks need to give it a “Rest”. :smiley:


I was shocked to see that - I couldn’t imagine what anyone would find to protest about in such an innocuous game as snooker!

Then I did a bit of research and discovered they were “Just Stop Oil” protesters.
I still think hi-jacking a game of snooker is not the way to get across the message they are trying to convey - what has snooker got to do with oil?
These protesters have lost the plot and are doing more harm to their cause than good, in my opinion.


Equal rights for snooker balls?

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new balls please. oh no wrong game.

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Wonder where the protestors got their cue from?

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:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Very good guys.

Rip their strides off and lay them face down on the table with their legs wide apart for potting the black :grin:

Glue their hands to the table and let them sit through 30 frames of snooker…


These protestors are starting to “Rack Up” some bad publicity now! :icon_wink:

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What a good idea, whoever finances these individuals might having multiple claims that change their minds. Identify them, and game over.
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Hanky, Monmouth, United Kingdom, about 2 hours ago

Fining these people is not the answer. Their crimes are underwritten by wealthy backers who stay relatively hidden and by online donations. A prison sentence is probably the best way to stop these people.

… and sterilisation will stop the anal sphincters breeding :grin::+1::clap:

Oh come on! get real. Really? He interrupted a game of snooker not a life or death operation or an ambulance on its way to a fatal road crash.

Yep a GAME!

Someone with a vacuum cleaner could sort it all out and off they go again playing with their balls.

By taking that attitude you are opening the floodgates for anyone to disrupt any sport or public event. People pay a lot of money to watch a sport they are interested in. Just because it’s not something that you would watch doesn’t mean that it’s not important to other people. How about they come and vandalise your vehicles? Would that be easily put right with a brush full of paint?


You have got to be joking! Open the floodgates? Where have you been for the last 50 years?

Need I go on?

There`s nothing professional about being a total idiot/vandal.

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I think talk of prison sentences and compulsory sterilisation is OTT for this type of offence - but fines and compensation for criminal damage would be appropriate - I heard the snooker table was re-covered (not just vacuumed) and any other losses resulting from the game being interrupted should be compensated by the people who interrupted the game.

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They do the dirty work for those who do not like getting their own hands grubby.
Lap-dog for somebody.

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