Problem opening Word documents

I opened a thread on the OLD forum in an attempt to overcome a problem I was experiencing in opening existing Word documents on my new laptop. I assume that that thread is no longer accessible, or at least no longer editable, so I’d just like to close the matter with this brief message.

I had tried all sorts of solutions offered on t’internet without success.

Eventually, I sorted it out on my own, simply by deleting my ‘free trial’ version of McAfee. Opening Word documents now works perfectly.

I should have realised earlier that those shysters at McAfee would have been the ones responsible.

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First thing I do if a new PC comes with McAfee or Norton is to get rid of them. Total bloatware

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I completely agree, and that is what I have always done in the past. This time, however, I thought I’d make use of the thing as it was free (I’m a Yorkshireman!) and then delete it when it came to paying.

I should like to add another improvement I have been obliged to make to this new laptop.
I found that whatever I typed, be it in Word, on Chrome, or in many other programmes for that matter, red underlines kept appearing all over the place despite my certainty that I had spelt the words correctly. So I have finally decided it is time to investigate.
I have found that both Windows and Chrome are set up as ‘US English’ (a contradiction in terms, if ever I heard one!).
Now I have discovered the ‘mis-settings’, which appear to be common to buying any computer in this country these days, I have finally corrected them to accept correct spellings.

I have come to the conclusion that we are not far off becoming the 51st State, which has been much predicted in the past.

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They both are, true enough.
What is worrying is that Norton are buying avast, so that’s a good independant gone.

That’s a blow to all users of independent software houses’ products. The next thing that will happen is that Avast will disappear altogether unless Liz Truss (the Trade Minister) jumps in and prevents the deal from going through.

I’m glad I use AVG’s paid for antivirus software.

I kind of agree except I think that it maybe leaves opportunities for others including newcomers to develop more modern applications.

Although I may whinge about Microsoft sometimes, I must say that their Windows Security virus detection has worked for me for many years…
and it’s FREE!

Looking back at this thread, I notice that there is a ‘sub heading’ at the top: ‘beauty’.
Strange. That makes no sense!
When I started the thread, I remember selecting the ‘Technology’ section and the sub-section ‘Technology: Questions / Help’. I’m not sure where the ‘beauty’ came from other than I remember seeing an instruction of some sort telling me that I had to choose another heading, which I didn’t really understand.
What have I done wrong?

Of course there is a very eassy way to remove unwanted sutff on a computer, Just tippex out the screen.
Me being helpful as usual

I’ve tried that, but when I scroll my mouse the thing just reappears above my Tippex.