Prize money in sport

Do you think it is too high

Should it be less

Portion given to amateur sport

Donation to deprived areas to encourage sport

I think it should be left up to each sporting organisation and their sponsors to decide on prizes etc. - it depends on where their funding comes from but if it’s mostly from broadcasting rights, private sponsorship, advertising, merchandising, ticket sales etc, that is all private funding, so I don’t expect to have an input on how they spend it or divvy up the prize money.
For a lot of sports, a player’s career may be quite short and intensive, so I don’t begrudge them earning high prizes while they are at the peak of their career.

If the Sporting organisation is receiving government grants or charity funds, then I’d expect this to be spent on developing and supporting the young players and amateurs, not funding the high prize money for the top class players who are already making good money.

Rugby union in the 1990s was very popular here, the Sydney comp was shown on free to air TV. It has since died in the arse with hardly anyone watching it especially since it went to pay TV

The two main codes NFL (Rugby League) and AFL (Aussie Rules) (even netball) are as popular as ever they support the grass roots clubs which feed them with their players they also support the women’s comp in bot leagues.

If the big clubs don’t support the entry level clubs then the sport just dies. It is amazing how popular the female competitions are from nothing they are going from strength to strength. It is hard to believe that a few years ago girls had to virtually give up AFL when they became teenagers.