Printer advice please

My Epsom Stylus SX218 has died…

I’m at three other possibles - all at the lower edge of the price range:
Canon PXIM - wireless inkjet - access via cloudlink(??)
EPSOM EXPRESSION HOME XP-2105 - wireless inkjet
HP plus deskjet 2710 Inkjet inc 6 months ink - wireless/wifi + airprint (??)
The HP says it’s compatible with Windows 10, 7. Does this mean everything inbetween Windows 10 and 7? I have a Windows 8.1…will this be compatible?

All three state wireless, WIFI etc etc. I just need to know I can plug the printer into my laptop by usb cable and print!!

Any help appreciated.

Crikey…I’ve now got to add a tag - ???

Yes @Lindyloo they will all plug into your laptop using the same cable as you use now.
Keep that cable though from your dead printer because they don’t usually come with them.

And they should all be okay with Windows 8.1