Prince Phillip

It seems that ITV will not televise the Oprah interview if Prince Philip’s condition gets worse .

Well that’s fair and proper. Respectful.

Didn’t you spot her colours from the start ? :lol:

Oh yes. She’ll be on telly soon, holding her bump and telling us how hard done by she is. :twisted:


I will not be watching it, not bothered at all.

Me neither although I suppose parts of it will appear on every news programme as agreed.

I will watch it if it airs.
Meanwhile Prince Philip had heart surgery yesterday .

I hope the procedure was successful and Prince Philip will be back on his feet again soon.

Next Monday, the world’s ‘rubberneckers’ will be out in force!

Some people will say, they won’t watch it but they will!

Mags, l am surprised the operation was carried out on Prince Philip as it’s a big thing to carry out on someone of his age. The shock to the system, the anaesthetic etc but l imagine he’s a toughie and l wish him well.

A blocked coronary artery is usually resolved with a stent under a local anaesthetic.

I guess that if the alternative is imminent death, it’s worth the risk.

That’s great then! Not sure why they have waited so long to do it, if it’s just a simple procedure?

Exactly…I doubt very much he would survive open heart surgery…it nearly killed me, I was early 60s.

Philip a god?

Art apparently he had an infection of some sort as well . I suspect nothing is that simple on a man who is 99 years old .
The stent procedure goes through a vein and everything in an old body is fragile .

He looked dreadful and his face is skeletal on his release from hospital, hes lost a fair amount of weight . Was so pleased to hear he was well enough to leave hospital. The queen must have been so worried for her husband.

I thought he looked awful too Bev…I wonder if sometimes we should just let nature take its course.

me and dad were talking about this subject yesterday. We were talking about the DNR scandal where some were put on it without the patient or families permission. I asked Dad if he would want a DNR put in place and he said no, he said only because I want to get to 100 for the letter from the queen, I said I dout you will get that Daddy, shes 94 now lol

I dunno with modern medicine she could go on forever:)