Powerlifter pretends to be a fake trainer

Saw this video and thought it was funny. This guy is a powerlifter pretending to be a fake trainer.

He’s in a gym, telling huge muscled people that they’re doing their weightlifting wrong. They look at him and tell him that he’s a fake.

Then he lifts their weight easily. The expression on their faces and the change in their attitude is priceless.


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I’m really liking these. It has a bit of a comeuppance feel to them at the end.

In this one, a female powerlifter dresses up as Anatoly’s grandmother to shock people with her powerlifting ability.

They’re quite funny to watch but the thing is most of the time they’re the thick rubber plates which makes it look heavier than it actually is :lol:

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I first saw this guy on a TikTok on Reddit. Super funny. I wanted to see if he was pranking the audience so I looked him up. The powerlifter community on Reddit were giving him props for being able to lift that amount of weight for his size.

I also saw this video of him going head to head against Larry Wheels. The heaviest weight I saw him deadlift was 532 lbs. Larry Wheels was also in a couple prank videos with him.

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Brilliant :rofl:

This is my favorite. Anatoly pretends to be a cleaner in the gym. He picks up the weight the people were struggling with with one hand and cleans with the other hand. After he walks away, the people try to lift it with one hand and can’t understand how he did it.

His channel is blowing up. When I first saw it, the channel had like 300k subs. Now it has close to 850k subs. Each video is getting millions of views.

He promised to shave his beard at 500k subs but fans are trying to talk him out of it. I think the gag is better with a beard.

This short is in one of the other videos but I like this one. I like how the guy tries to lift the weight with one hand and can’t.