Plant-Based Fat Alternative

The fat alternative, made by revolutionary food technology.

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Animal fats are some of the healthiest fats in the world - why would anyone want to use a synthetic man-made ‘fat’? :upside_down_face:

I think mainly for commercial and monetary gain. The margarine industry still rides high and the profits justify the manufacturing process derived from a French chemist during 1813.

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I’m always a bit wary of food created by technology and there are lots of plant based fats around already, coconut oil, Shea butter, nut buttters etc

But when I read on, I see the main advantage of this one is that it’s very low in calories and they are concentrating mainly on selling it to food manufacturers to include in their products

I don’t know, if it reduces obesity, then good

But there’s still something a bit obscene about investing millions of pounds to create a food with all the nutrition and calories deliberately taken out of it, while people all over the world are dying from lack of calories

The only sure way to reduce obesity is to control the volume of what goes in at the mouth end.

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Well, sort of true, but if you control the volume of calories that go in the mouth end, that works

So eating food like this with no calorific value could help with weight loss

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